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Frequently Asked Questions for Piano Movers in Waterloo

Pianos are premium musical instruments and one of the most expensive ones. A standard piano will cost you no less than thousands of dollars, not to mention the emotional value it carries for the artist. Hence, when moving such a grand instrument from one place to another, you need experienced and skilled piano movers in Waterloo.

From disassembling, packing and moving, to transporting a piano is no ordinary feat. Even the professional moving services in Waterloo, which you hire have to be the best, to prevent any damage to the musical instrument. Refer to the FAQs below to get a few pointers about the process.

1. Does the Piano require tuning before the move?

It is a misconception that the move interferes with the tuning of the instrument. You only need to tune it if there is a chance of temperature or humidity-level fluctuations while in transit. Otherwise, post-removal tuning of the piano works fine.

2. How big of a truck is needed to move a grand piano?

A grand piano, as the name suggests, comes in bigger sizes than the normal ones, and thus demands more precision in packing and careful loading. You will have to hire a 20 ft. truck for the move that any reputed moving truck rental in Waterloo can provide.

3. How much does a piano removal cost?

Multiple factors determine the quote of the move, such as:

  • The total distance on transit.
  • Effort in moving the piano from the owner’s premises to the truck and then to the final destination. If there are too many stairs, turns, and manoeuvres, then that will impact the quote.
  • The size of the piano is a factor as well.

4. Is it necessary to get moving insurance for your piano?

Considering the monetary and artsy value of the piano it is recommended that you get additional moving insurance from the piano movers in Waterloo whom you hire, to cover any cost for damages caused while moving.

Hopefully, we were able to cover all the crucial bases of piano removals. The rest would depend on the expertise of the professionals whom you hire.

Are you looking for reliable moving services in Waterloo to transport your piano to a new address? Then Wrap and Move.Inc. will be glad to make your acquaintance. One of the top moving companies in the region, they offer premium services at competitive rates.

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